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Who am I?

All my life, 55 years, I, Natasha Kunst, have lived in all kinds of houses, big, small, at home and abroad. Houses built, rebuilt and renovated. Because of this my love for houses grew.

During my time in Spain I did the same work as I do now, for a company that rented out villas on the Spanish coast. Then I also started my HEAO study Real Estate.

Still heavy alone with two adolescent children, has made me decide to return to the Netherlands, and to my familiar spot Dwingeloo.

After working for a while at a real estate agency, when a crisis broke out, I started Noorderhome a few years ago, together with a friend.

In this beautiful and certainly therefore touristy area, we started looking for people who wanted to give their house to us for vacation rental. Only for mediation or just to arrange everything for them. I like the latter best. And this resulted in Noorderhome. With a large number of vacation homes in ZW-Drenthe, Giethoorn and surroundings.

Mediating during the application, administrative processing, putting the houses in order, receiving the people and making them feel welcome, explaining many things about the house and the environment. Being a source of information, a point of contact during the stay and waving goodbye when we leave.

I notice that the tenants experience this as very pleasant. A great start of the vacation. A face to a house. Hospitality and service are very important to me. By doing this I also relieve the owners, who often live further away, still want to own a nice vacation home, but don’t have the time to arrange the whole rental process. Most owners who live nearby often like to do this themselves and I only mediate between them and guests.

Because I do everything myself, I am the direct contact person for the guests and for the owners of the vacation homes, which definitely improves the service.

Furthermore I am a passionate horse rider, crazy about my husband, children and animals and love to pass on the art and love of horses to beginning riders.


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