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General rental conditions

Tenant: A (natural) person, who is renting or wishes to rent a vacation home from the offerings of Noorderhome.
Co-renter: The person who stays in the vacation home together with the tenant.
Manager: The person who, on behalf of the owner of the vacation home, takes on the management of the vacation home.
Owner: The legal owner of a self catering, who has offered it for rent to Noorderhome.

Applicability of General Conditions
These general conditions apply to all offers and quotations, contracts, deliveries and services from Noorderhome. Other conditions, agreements or arrangements apply only if and insofar as they have been confirmed by Noorderhome.

Offers, prices and rates
Offers from Noorderhome are always without obligation and are subject to interim changes. All information on the website of Noorderhome and any other written expressions are considered to have been provided in good faith and shall always be subject to interim changes. Noorderhome is not bound by obvious errors and omissions in its website and any other written communications. The tenant declares to have taken notice of the description of the vacation home by Noorderhome on the website and does not require a further description. Prices are always inclusive of sales tax, but exclusive of the costs of (non-compulsory) cancellation and/or travel insurance and other costs. Special additional costs such as energy costs, cleaning costs, booking fees and local by and because of the government established fees are stated separately.


Once we have received an order for a reservation, by phone, through the website or in writing, you will receive a booking form/invoice of your reservation. Noorderhome has the right at any time not to accept a booking in case of price or occupancy errors on the website. Booking forms / invoices and any other written documents sent by Noorderhome contain all relevant information for the stay in the booked vacation home. In the interest of a good booking and to avoid misunderstandings, the tenant undertakes, after receiving the booking form/invoice and any other written documents, to check the correctness and completeness of the booked information and to report any incompleteness or inaccuracy to Noorderhome within 7 days after receiving the booking form/invoice and or other documents. If such a report is not made within the prescribed period, then the tenant is not entitled to rely on the incompleteness or incorrectness of the booking form/invoice and/or other documents.

Payment and further processing
An advance payment of 50% of the total rental sum plus the reservation costs plus the cancellation insurance, if any, must be made within 10 days. The second part of the rent must be paid no later than 6 weeks before the start of the rental period. In exceptional cases, other payments may be agreed in writing. For bookings (period between booking and start of rental period less than 8 weeks) the entire amount must be paid at once, either by telephone or in cash. Payment can be made by giro, bank or cash. In case of payment by giro or bank, the date of payment is the date the amount is credited to Noorderhome’s bank account. At the request of Noorderhome, the tenant must provide Noorderhome with proof of payment.

A deposit is usually required for the vacation home. This deposit has to be paid upon arrival at the accommodation to the owner or manager of the vacation home, unless the booking form and/or accommodation ticket states otherwise. After the stay in the vacation object, any additional costs will be settled, any established damage or loss of items present in or on the vacation object will be deducted from the deposit, and the remainder of the deposit will generally be refunded in cash. In any case, the calculated remainder of the deposit will be returned by bank/giro within 14 days after the stay by the owner or manager.

A cancellation must always be in writing. If no cancellation insurance is taken out, the following rules apply:
– If cancelled up to 56 days before the date of arrival, 30% of the rent and the booking fee will be charged.
– in case of cancellation from the 56th day (inclusive) until the day of arrival, 100% of the rent and the booking fee will be charged.

Noorderhome will not accept any liability if the owner of the vacation object is at fault, despite the great care that Noorderhome has taken with each object. Noorderhome is also not liable for damage caused by fire, leakage, accident or whatever cause, to the tenant, his fellow tenants and/or properties. If Noorderhome is forced by force majeure to cancel a rental contract, Noorderhome is not liable in any way. In such a situation, a full refund of the amount paid to Noorderhome will be made. The tenant is liable for all damage to the vacation property, inventory and/or furniture, which occurs during the rental period, by him or his fellow tenant(s). This will be repaired at the tenant’s expense. Errors or mistakes in the rental program of Noorderhome cannot bind Noorderhome.


Upon arrival, the vacation object can generally be occupied after 15.00 hours. In most cases, it must be vacated again by 10:00. Deviations will be noted in the booking confirmation. The vacation object may not be occupied by more persons than agreed upon in writing. If it turns out that there are more occupants than agreed upon, the owner or manager has the right to deny access or charge EUR 23.00 per excess person per day. This depends on the situation on site. Pets are not allowed without written permission. If this is discovered, the owner or manager has the right to deny you further access to the vacation object.
Linen such as sheets, pillowcases, tea towels etc. must be provided by the tenant. In some cases it is possible to rent bed linen, or it is included in the price. This is always mentioned in the description or the price list of the vacation object. On the day of departure the vacation home should be left clean and tidy, which means the following: everything should be washed up clean, garbage bags should be put in the container or given to the cleaning department on time, a clean plastic bag should be put in the garbage can, blankets or quilts should be folded up at the foot of the cabin, the refrigerator should be empty and clean, all food should be removed and the floor swept up.

If you have any complaints about the cleaning of your vacation home, please contact the owner/manager on the same day. He will then send someone to check your complaint and if it is justified, clean the place. Please do not go and clean the place yourself, otherwise your complaint will not be accepted, as there is nothing for the owner/manager to check. If you have major complaints in any other area, please report them to the owner/manager before 7pm on the day of arrival. If the arrival day is a Friday, you should report complaints no later than the following day before 12:00. Later your complaint can not be taken into consideration.

Final provision
These conditions are exclusively governed by Dutch law. All disputes arising from the booking form/invoice and other written documents or these conditions will in the first instance be settled by the competent court in the Netherlands. Neither party may transfer its rights and obligations to any third party unless otherwise provided in these terms and conditions. If and insofar as any provision in the booking form/invoice or other written documents and the present terms and conditions may appear to be invalid, the other terms and conditions shall remain in force and the invalid article shall be deemed to have been converted in such a way as to correspond to the apparent intentions of the parties.


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